Happy 21st birthday Taylor Michel Momsen

Taylor Momsen has been a celebrity for as long as she can remember. She’s been in show business for 18 of her 20 years on this planet. In that time, she’s played button-cute kids in adverts and movies. She’s fronted fashion campaigns and lad’s mags. She’s been the bratty star of teen soap and the go-to clickbait girl for scandal-obsessed gossip sites. But today, the old Taylor – all those old Taylors – are being put in a hole in the ground and covered with earth. And a new Taylor is going to emerge, clawing her way through the dirt and back into the limelight. She may have been the lead singer of The Pretty Reckless for five years alrady, but now, finally it’s time to meet Taylor Momsen, 4 Real rockstar…" 


Happy 21st Birthday Taylor Momsen! (July 26, 1993)

Taylor Michel Momsen - 26.07.1993

Minha menina ta crescendo :’)


why are you so cute feat i love your hair

"Back door bitches begging me to behave, jamming Jesus down my throat, no, I don’t wanna be saved. Ain’t a chain on my brain, I’m nobody’s slave, I got one foot in the cradle and one in the grave.”

You ain’t getting what you want unless you getting it for free.